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First Aid Training

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Our Policies

HSE Requirements

The Health and Safety (First Aid) at Work Reg's. 1981

An employer shall provide, or ensure that there is provided, such equipment and facilities as are adequate and appropriate in the circumstances for enabling first aid to be rendered to their employees if they become ill or are injured

First Aid at Work

It is recommended that in establishments with relatively low hazards, shops, libraries or banks that there be, on average, one (1) first aider to every fifty (50) employees during normal/usual working hours. When there is shift work the employer should ensure that there is adequate and appropriate first aid cover for each shift

In the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP), section 3(2) it is stated'… however, all factors need to be taken into account, such as distribution of employees, nature of work, distance from outside medical services as well as the number of employees in a set area'


In establishments where there is a greater degree of hazard, ie factories, dockyards, farms, warehouses and store facilities there may be one (1) first aider for every section, location or work area

Where there are special hazards the employer will need to seek further and possibly specialist instructions for the provision of first aid equipment and cover

Non-Employees (provision)

ACoP 3(1) Para 7 states'… the regulations place requirements on employers only in respect of their own employees while they are at work. When making provision, there is no obligation for employers, under the regulations ACoP, to take account of persons who are not their employees, eg pupils in schools, visitors to cinema's or theatres, shop customers etc. Employers whose premises are regularly attended by such persons may, however wish to make some provision

Appointed persons

An appointed person is someone who is provided and trained by the employer to cover in low risk situations and to take charge and be responsible for the equipment in the absence of the designated first aider

First Aid Training Services

A Limited Partnership - under agreement

Certified Health & Safety Training Centre No. 53/99

Approved by : Health & Safety Executive

The Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1974

Health & Safety (First Aid) at Work Act 1981


First Aid Training Services * Registered office * 25 Hollingsworth Road * Lowestoft * Suffolk * NR32 4AU * United Kingdom

Certified Health & Safety Training Centre No. 53/99